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You are free to use the Coh-Metrix T.E.R.A. tool if you agree that it will be used only for research and educational purposes. Commercial use of Coh-Metrix T.E.R.A. is strictly forbidden. Institutions affiliated with Arizona State University and the University of Memphis cannot be held responsible for any uses of Coh-Metrix T.E.R.A. or data obtained from uses of Coh-Metrix T.E.R.A. Technical support and consulting are not provided.

Please use the following citations to acknowledge the use of this site:

McNamara, D.S., Graesser, A., Cai, Z., & Dai, J. (2013, January 1). Coh-Metrix Common Core T.E.R.A. version 1.0. Retrieved [Insert Date of Use], from     http//

McNamara, D.S., Graesser, A.C., McCarthy, P., & Cai, Z. (in press). Automated evaluation of text and discourse with Coh-Metrix. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Please see and refer to the following for more information about Coh-Metrix.

Graesser, A.C., McNamara, D.S., & Kulikowich, J.M. (2011). Coh-Metrix: Providing multilevel analyses of text characteristics. Educational Researcher, 40, 223-234.

Graesser, A., McNamara, D.S., Louwerse, M., & Cai, Z. (2004). Coh-Metrix: Analysis of text on cohesion and language. Behavioral Research Methods, Instruments, and Computers, 36, 193-202.

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